If you're playing "Prison Architect" you have to check out this Mod!

Have you heard of the game Prison Architect?

If not then check it out here, it is awesome.


There are many cool mods out there for the game, but today I will showcase one in particular:

The "JVA - Austrian Prison Mod"


It is an amazing Mod, and I don't only say that because I made it ;)

So let's go over some of it's key features!


- New Vehicles 

- New Callouts 

- Have COBRA (Emergency Response and Hostage Rescue Team) units at your disposal. 

- New uses for Objects 

- People driving the vehicles 

- Replaced the Guards with Justizwachen 

- Room size and required item changes, (EG - Smaller Cells, Kennels). 

- Many retextured items, people, inmate uniforms, walls and floors. 

- New sounds from sirens to Lockdown alarms, 

...and much more!




Check it out:

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Click the Picture to go to the "Austrian Prison" Mod Page

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