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Hello. My name is Lukas.

I am a 18 year old Design Engineer and Volunteer Firefighter from Austria.

I love making- and playing games in my freetime.

If you want to know more about what I do, you can check out my Portfolio.


You can contact me here: Contact.

Here you find my official Social Media Accounts.

And here you can see My Setup and My Computer.

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TheLukrie's Online History:

Hey. My name is Lukas, better known online as TheLukrie. I am a proud Gamer since 2009 and still gaming strong at over 3500+ Hours of Playtime on Steam (as of 06.2018).

Before 2013 I was known as Lukrie44 (or Lukrie) wich later changed to the better looking and sounding TheLukrie.

Online I am mostly known as a Gamer, small-time Game developer and Illustrator/Artist. But I am also known because I owned many popular Game-Servers over the years (Minecraft, Arma 3 Altis Life, Rust, etc...).

Im also a Admin/Moderator for many big Groups and Servers, with a combined member count of over 35k Users.

  • Since the end of 2015 I'm a Puplisher on the Unity Asset Store
  • Since 02.06.2016 I am also a Official Steamworks Developer.
  • Since 01.09.2016 I am an Apprentice Design Engineer working in Product Development for Mechatronical Products.
  • Since 2017 I can also officially call myself a Firefighter, as I joined a Volunteer Fire Department in Austria. And I am proud to say that I have been able to respond to over 50+ Emergency calls since then (as of 06.2018)
  • In August 2018 I've started taking Art and Illustrating more serious and started uploading to DeaviantArt. With over 4k unique views on my Artwork (as of 09.2018) I can now also call myself a Hobbyist Illustrator.


TheLukrie, Lukas Riedl, Lukrie, Lukas, Riedl

Some "Facts" about me:

Name: Lukas 

Age: 18 

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight 

Work: Design Engineer (Apprentice) 

Catchphrase: Work Hard, Play Harder  

Played hours on Steam: 3500+ 

Emergency calls Responded to: 50+

Hobbys: Drawing, Gaming, Reading, "Firefighting", Watching Movies/Series/Anime, Chatting, ... 


Languages I can speak: 

‬‬‬   ‬‬‬  ‬‬‬   ‬‬‬  ■ Österreichisch [Austrian] ★★★★★ 

‬‬‬   ‬‬‬  ‬■ Deutsch [German] ★★★★★ 

‬‬‬   ‬‬‬  ‬‬■ English ★★★★☆ 

(and currently learning japanese)

TheLukrie, Firefighter, Lukas Riedl
TheLukrie, Lukas Riedl, Lukrie, Lukas, Riedl